Frequently Asked Questions

Because we want to offer the highest standards in care, we only work with Consultant Orthodontists who we have a strong working relationship with. As such, we are not willing to offer jaw surgery to patients who have had their orthodontic treatment with another provider. If you are already in orthodontic treatment and wish to transfer to our care, this may be possible to arrange.

We provide joint treatment for all of our cases. This means that you will have Rhodri and Kevin performing your surgery together in all cases.

Yes, you will need to have braces on for the whole period of treatment including the surgery.

This varies from patient to patient based upon a number of factors. The majority of patients will be able to return to a non physical job within 3-4 weeks after their procedure.

Healthy nutrition is an essential part of your recovery process. You must ensure that you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. For 4-6 weeks after your operation you will be required to eat soft foods only. Examples of suitable foods would include eggs, porridge, soup, mashed potato, avocado, yoghurts, mashed fruits, milk and smoothies.

One of the advantages of our team is that you will always have someone you can contact should you have any problems or questions in the postoperative phase.

Yes, you will be able to do this and we encourage you to maintain good oral hygiene throughout your treatment.

All surgical procedures are at BMI The Priory Hospital.

Some of the orthodontists we work with may offer finance schemes for orthodontic treatments. Finance for surgery can be obtained via the Priory Hospital.

We do not currently recommend the use of these materials as titanium plates are well tolerated and give good results.