How do I find out if jaw surgery is right for me?

Should you feel that surgery is the right choice for you, we can direct you to one of our partner Orthodontists for their opinion. We can help you decide which colleague you would like to see based upon your personal and geographical circumstances.

Orthodontics appointment

Our consultant orthodontic colleagues will arrange an appointment at your convenience to discuss the orthodontic aspects of your care. They will take photos of you and moulds of your teeth. They will outline what type of brace treatment you will need and will explain the risks of their treatment. If our colleague agrees that surgery is likely to be the best option for you, then we will arrange a joint appointment.

Joint clinic appointment

The joint clinic is run in the same format as in our NHS practice. We will be present with your orthodontist and discuss your treatment plan as a team. We can assess your bite and profile and give you an honest appraisal about whether we would be able to help you. If we feel that surgery is an option, we can outline what it would involve in your specific case. You will be given the time to ask any questions about your treatment plan and make a decision about your care. Should you decide to proceed with treatment, your orthodontist will start your braces treatment.

Rarely, a patient may present with a problem or complaint that is very complex. In this scenario, Rhodri and Kevin will want to discuss your case with one another (this is what they do in their NHS practice). In this rare scenario, we will offer you a further joint appointment at no cost to fully assess your needs.

Is jaw surgery right for me?

A typical jaw surgery timeline

Initial appointment/s – to discuss whether jaw surgery is the right option for you.

Joint appointment – to outline the best treatment plan for you and agree on this

Commence orthodontic (brace) treatment – usually lasts for around 18 months

When approaching readiness for surgery – planning appointment. This appointment will involve taking new tooth moulds, a scan of your jaws and a variety of clinical measurements. During this appointment, we will outline the surgical plan and give you the chance to discuss your treatment prior to your operation.

Surgery – A short 1 to 2 night stay in hospital followed by period of recovery at home (usually 2-4 weeks). You will have surgical an orthodontic follow up appointments during this time to ensure all is well.

Follow up – After your surgery you will need follow up appointments with your surgeons and your orthodontists.